Projects for James Madison University

Leanne worked for Creative Services at JMU as a Web Programmer from 2018-2021 and as a Web Designer and Front-End Developer from 2021-2023. Here are a sampling of the projects she completed during her time at JMU:

College Website Rebranding CHBS Academic Base Web Template Morrison Bruce Center Website Page Design: Gus Bus Schedule

College Website Rebranding Project

In summer 2018, University Communications and Marketing initiated a rebrand of logos, websites, and print materials. New guidelines were introduced for design elements such as photo presentation, fonts, web colors, print colors, and graphic design elements. The CHBS websites were outdated and did not meet the new design criteria, so we embarked on a two-year project to totally overhaul all of the academic and affiliate websites.

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CHBS Base Web Template

These templates were designed and built for the academic websites of the College of Health and Behavioral Studies at James Madison University. The templates were custom-coded using HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Dreamweaver software. I created separate templates for department-level websites and program-level websites so that the two were visibly distinguishable from each other in hopes of making the numerous websites easier to navigate. Each template demo features a variety of design options, features, and layouts within the template design. These features are linked in the template menus and described in greater detail within the demo.

These templates were built as part of the rebranding project in 2018.

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Design: Morrison Bruce Center

Published: 2019

The Morrison Bruce Center is an affiliate of JMU their website is maintained by the Creative Services team. MBC directors approached us in 2019 and requested that Creative Services redesign the website and logo. As the Web Designer, I took the lead in designing and building their current website.

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Design: the Gus Bus Schedule

Published: 2022

The Gus Bus is an affiliate of JMU and IIHHS. Their website is maintained by the Creative Services team. The Gus Bus recently requested new graphics for their website, print promotional materials, and bus wraps. As part of this visual update, they also requested design changes to their online Schedule.

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