Leanne Shenk

Harrisonburg, VA · (540) 271-7839 · Send me an email

I’m an energetic designer, code nerd, and creative mind. I have several years of real-world design experience creating images for various platforms and formats, including logo designs for print and web, graphics for web use, and signage. If you’re looking for someone who is detail-oriented, enjoys working with people, and is a problem-solver, I'd be delighted to join your team.


James Madison University

Bachelor of Science
Media Arts and Design - Concentration in Converged Media
Magna Cum Laude
December 2015

Blue Ridge Community College

Associate of Arts and Sciences
College Transfer
Suma Cum Laude
May 2013


Administrative Assistant

James Madison University

I currently serve several sectors with University Programs, including support for the Online Learning Coordinators, Assistant Vice Provost, and General Education. Don't let the title fool you; while I do answer calls and take minutes, a significant part of what I do is manage and produce media content. I manage several webspaces in the Cascade content management system, including the Online Learning website and the Freshmen Worksheets by major. I also assist with the production and design of newsletters, video content, and print materials for University Programs.

November 2016 - Present

Web Intern

Eastern Mennonite University

I spent a semester working for EMU as a web marketing intern after graduating from JMU. My responsibilities included: moving and revising web content within EMU's content management system, preparing images and documents for web use, and maintaining EMU's auxilary Wordpress websites. I also did marketing research to inform decisions regarding the delivery of student-produced content online.

Spring 2016

Web Editor

Madison 101

During my senior year at JMU, I served as the Web Editor for Madison 101, a student magazine distrubuted to freshman during orientation. Madison 101 is designed to help them aclimate to student life and connect them with essential resources available on campus and in the local Harrisonburg community. As Web Editor, I redesigned the existing website for Madison 101, formatted all of the content submitted by our writers and photographers for the website, and distributed the content online.

Spring 2015

Photo Editor

Madison 101

I also worked as the Photo Editor for another student magazine: the Curio. As photo editor, I was responsible for coordinating photography efforts, ensuring that photos were edited and submitted in a timely manner, and shot photos for several stories. Specifically, Fresh and Local, the Business of Brewing, Mysteries of the Masonic Order, and Behind the Scenes with Brandy.

Spring 2015

Independent Projects

Since taking my first webcoding and graphics classes at Blue Ridge Community College, I've been doing indepent work for small businesses and ministries locally. This includes, but isn't limited to, setting up or redesiging websites, designing and drawing logos, and creating materials for print. See below in the Portfolio section for examples of these projects.



Here's some examples of the work I've done for real clients: