I create beautiful and intuitive web solutions

Design and functionality should work hand in hand - I strive to create web and mobile interfaces that are both visually appealing and easy for users to navigate. A great design places you message in the spotlight and lets others experience a taste of what you or your company does and values. Whether you're in need of a web revamp or are new to the web world, let me help you create something that will get you noticed. This is my process:


At the beginning of a project, I sit down with the client and talk about what they want in a web project. The goal is to identify the purpose of the website, the overall message they want to convey, and key features that require prominent display. During this session we also discuss the target audience and how to optimize the project to cater to their needs and preferences.


The purpose of the planning stage is to come up with an organizational scheme that makes all information readily and easily accessible to the user. All features and content discussed during the define stage is planned out into a website arrangement. The result is several planning documents that submitted to the client for approval, including a comprehensive sitemap and wireframes.


This is when the website actually gets built. During this stage, I collect content and plug it into the structure established in the planning stage. The look and feel of the website is established, including color scheme, logos, graphics, photos, and interactive features. The end result is a fully-functioning mock-up of the website that the client can test before the launch date.


With the client, we evaluate the mock-up and make any desired revisions or additions to the web project before it launches live on their domain. The revision process can be revisited after the website has been put into place. During this final meeting we also establish rate for future revisions and maintenance to the website.


Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe's creative applications are central to my work. I am well acquainted with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro.


Twitter Bootstrap is a popular front-end framework for developing and designing responsive websites. Like what your see? This website is powered by Boostrap.


Originally developed for blogging, Wordpress is now a powerful content management system used to build webspaces of all kinds. The majority of my client web projects run on Wordpress.

Programming Skills

I have been working with various iterations of HTML and CSS for the past five years. I can do anything between modifying an existing layout to hand-coding a website from scratch.

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Design Skills

Design concepts and software are essential to what I do. I am well versed in web standards and good practice for producing quality graphics and logos for the websites that I build.

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